Great News . . . 

All lunch orders will now be placed electronically!  

To access a full menu please visit https://www.fdmealplanner.com/ & type in your student's school name and choose the Lunch menu for March.  


To order your student's lunch, go to:

  •  https://forms.gle/n4M48xQo4ATreRd98 and follow the form instructions. 
  •  Lunch orders are due on Monday, February 22 @ 12 noon (responses will not be accepted after noon)
  • A lunch order must be completed for each student who wants to order a lunch
  • The order form for the following week will be posted Monday afternoon, February 22nd. 


To view the nutritional information, go to https://www.fdmealplanner.com/, type in your student's schools and choose the lunch menu for March, and click on the item from the main menu.  

To view the Ingredients list, click on Build a Meal, scroll through the date to find the Entree you are looking for, then click on the entree and an ingredient list will appear. 


Click the following link to download the current and/or upcoming lunch menu and order form.


March Lunch Menu and Order Form

February Lunch Menu and Order Form


Parents, be sure to keep a copy for your fridge so that you know all dates your child ordered on. Lunches are delivered fresh on a daily basis according to the orders received, so extras are not available to students without an accepted order.


The cost of the box lunch with milk will be $3.00. The cost of milk for individual sale will remain at $0.30. Please know that the school district does not make a profit from the box lunch program or from the sale of individual milk.  


Free & Reduced Lunch

As a school district, we are very aware of the hard economic times that some of our families are experiencing. For this reason, a parent or guardian is encouraged to apply for the Free & Reduced Lunch Program. The FREE and REDUCED Lunch Application for 2014-2015 is available for online submission through the Mealtime system.  Click here to apply.

There are two ways to pay for your child's lunches:

  1. Click here to pay online with a credit or debit card. A copy of the confirmation sheet must be attached to the monthly order form. 
  2. You can send a check or cash in with your child with the monthly lunch order form.  For efficient processing, please submit this in an envelope marked with your child's name, homeroom teacher, grade level and ID number.

For food specifications, nutrition information and allergens click here to visit the New Lenox district webpage containing this information.