New Lenox District 122

School Lunch Program Information


NLSD122 partners with Quest Food Management Services, Inc. to provide high-quality, nutritious box lunches. The weekly menus offer a great variety of nutritious options

New Lenox School District is participating in the National School Lunch Program.

Menus - Nutritional Information - Ingredients

Lunch Menus



To view lunch nutritional and ingredient information, go to

·       Type in school name

·      Choose lunch

·       Choose View Menus

·      Choose the proper month at the top of the page

·       Choose Build a Menu

·      Use the arrows at the top of the page to choose desired date


To view the nutritional information on an item:

·      Click on the box next to the item and the information will show on the right side of the page


To view the ingredient information on an item:

·       Click on the item name and the ingredient statement pops up

Online Payment Instructions

Online Payment Instructions

No refunds/credits will be given if a student is absent