Contact Information

To email a staff member, use the email prefix below and put @nlsd122.org at the end.
(Example would be jsmith@nlsd122.org)

To call a staff member, please use Martino's main number: 815-485-7593, and your call will be directed to the proper voicemail.

If you are calling after school hours, you can follow the prompts in the recording, and you can enter the voicemail box # listed below for the teacher you wish to reach.

Martino Jr. High  
Staff Member   Extension EMAIL
Andretich, Kristen Health 6112 kandertich@nlsd122.org 
Baker, Diane Library 6674 dbaker@nlsd122.org 
Barger, Amy Math/Reading 6127 abarger@nlsd122.org 
Beck, Linda Speech and Language 6437 lbeck@nlsd122.org 
Bendy, Jen 10 Month Adminstrative Asst 6627 jbendy@nlsd122.org 
Boone, Ashley Science 6148 aboone@nlsd122.org 
Brashler, Andrea ELA 6348 abrashler@nlsd122.org 
Carlisle, Katie Special Education 6421 kcarlisle@nlsd122.org 
Coleman, Jill Reading Seminar 6340 jcoleman@nlsd122.org 
Delatte, Lynette Special Education 6104 ldelatte@nlsd122.org 
Drews, Kathy Library 6674 kdrews@nlsd122.org 
Everaert, Staci Social Worker Grade 7 6116 severaert@nlsd122.org 
Graef, Mary Beth Science 6388 mgraef@nlsd122.org 
Groen-Olson, Bonnie Principal 6016 bgroen@nlsd122.org 
Healy, Sarah Speech and Language 6249 shealy@nlsd122.org 
Hence, Michelle Technology 6304 mhence@nlsd122.org 
Janchenko, Maripat Math 6489 mjanchenko@nlsd122.org 
Johnson, Kerri ELA 6339 kjohnson@nlsd122.org 
Kashirsky, Jaclyn Math 6359 jkashirsky@nlsd122.org 
Kies, David Physical Educaiton 6151 dkies@nlsd122.org 
Kilstrom, Brandon Social Studies 6382 bkilstrom@nlsd122.org 
Kosek, Sarah Spanish 6392 skosek@nlsd122.org 
Laack, Brian Assistant Principal 6004 blaack@nlsd122.org 
LaBuhn, Nicole Physical Educaiton/Athletic Director 6141 nlabuhn@nlsd122.org 
Lavey, Julie Math 6366 jlavey@nlsd122.org 
Lullo, Cynthia Reading Seminar 6344 clullo@nlsd122.org 
Mascarello, Amanda ELA/Reading 6418 amascarello@nlsd122.org 
Peele, Jaclyn ELA/Reading 6326 jpeele@nlsd122.org 
Planera, Julie Special Educaiton 6277 jplanera@nlsd122.org 
Proff, Anne Marie Math 6362 aproff@nlsd122.org 
Rademacher, Jamie Nurse 7807 jrademacher@nlsd122.org 
Rinke, Kyle Band 6170 krinke@nlsd122.org 
Skurzewski, Maggie 12 Month Administrative Assistant 6636 mskurzewski@nlsd122.org 
Smith, Kristin Math 6320 ksmith1@nlsd122.org  
Stiglic, Jennifer ELA 6354 jstiglic@nlsd122.org 
Stille, Jennifer Social Worker Grade 8 6217 jstille@nlsd122.org 
Styx, Anne Life Skills/Reading 6188 astyx@nlsd122.org 
Summers, Deron Social Studies 6415 dsummers@nlsd122.org 
Toomey, Lindsay Science 6313 ltoomey@nlsd122.org 
Torbett, Chuck Orchestra 6206 ctorbett@nlsd122.org 
Torbett, Gina Music 6398 gtorbett@nlsd122.org 
Vanasse, Jennifer School Psycologist 6500 jvanasse@nlsd122.org 
Waldron, Mandy STEM/Life Skills 6385 mwaldron@nlsd122.org 
Wallek, Matthew Physcial Educations 6152 mwallek@nlsd122.org 
Werve, Tessa Special Education 6420 twerve@nlsd122.org 
Wettergren, John Social Studies 6337 jwettergren@nlsd122.org 
Young, Brooke Art 6177 byoung@nlsd122.org