New Lenox District 122



To encourage interest and participation, further sports skills, and provide experience in the development of good sportsmanship.  The program will permit individuals to participate in competition with other individuals of approximately the same skill level.  The existence of the interscholastic program is essential for a well-rounded education program.


In accordance with our philosophy, the primary general objectives of the athletic program are:

  • To increase enjoyment of the sport through extended participation in an activity.
  • To encourage the development of good sportsmanship, fair play and emotional control through competitive and cooperative experiences with other participants.
  • To increase social growth through competitive experiences with participants.
  • To further develop individual knowledge and skill competence through additional practice with teammates and competition with equally skilled competitors.
  • To develop an awareness of the responsibilities of each player to self and team.
  • To emphasize instruction in all sports.
  • To increase excellence through the competitive experiences and gain the maximum recognition for both the individual and team.
  • To maximize the number of participants in all programs and at all levels.

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