New Lenox District 122

Director's Biography

Dr. Marianne Cucci  is an experienced school leader with a passion for curriculum.  Her educational vision for the District is:


District 122 is entrusted with creating a climate of continuous learning, setting high expectations, making data driven decisions, sharing leadership and taking time to reflect and recognize accomplishments of students and staff.  122 flourishes with these tasks because of the high quality people associated with our schools.

Schools are a place for students to explore their natural curiosity, engage in rich discussions, and develop critical and creative thinking skills.

It is important to build the collective capacity of our schools through communication and collaboration with students, teachers, and parents.

Teachers customize a learning environment that challenges learners to think. This happens when teachers differentiate instruction to meet the unique needs of each learner.

In the 21st century, students will still need to learn the 3 r’s of reading, writing and arithmetic in combination with the 4 c’s which are communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creative thinking. The 4 C’s are considered new literacies. Living in a global society, there is a need to master the 3 R’s and utilize the 4 C’s to learn new skills and technologies.

Students of the 21st century are digital natives. They were born in an era of digital media: cell phones, computers, video games, and digital music. Their actions, thinking processes and experiences are different from past generations of students. They are native speakers of all things digital. Therefore, technology needs to be embedded in the teaching and learning process.

Teacher-student relationships are paramount to the learning process. Building trust, showing respect, and being there for students is at the heart of teaching. 


Dr. Cucci is a graduate of National Louis University with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership (Superintendent Endorsement), a graduate of Saint Xavier University with a Master of Education in Administration, and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.  She has spent much of her career serving in New Lenox School District 122.

Dr. Cucci resides in New Lenox with her husband and two sons, who were both graduates of New Lenox School District 122.