New Lenox District 122

Volunteers Welcome

Welcome to New Lenox School District 122! Parent and community participation is key to the successful education of our students. Thank you for volunteering your time, talent and energy. Volunteering in our schools not only helps the students and staff, but more importantly shows the students that their education is important.

Keeping our children safe is also important. Therefore, New Lenox School District will require all volunteers to fill out a Volunteer Information Form and Waiver of Liability and have a photo ID scanned at the front office prior to their first time of volunteering. The ID is scanned to ensure that a volunteer is not a registered sex offender and does not have a conviction against a minor child. This form is available at our front office and can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

We appreciate and depend upon parent volunteers in our school, and hope that this process will not deter your involvement. Thank you so much for your compliance and understanding that the bottom line is the safety of our students.

Check out the link below for the PTO for more ways to contribute!