Haines Staff:

Voicemail Number:

Call the main office to reach staff voicemail.

(815) 485-2115

Staff email is the first letter of their first name and last name 

Example:  Mr. S. Hawk




Office Staff

Dr. Hall (Principal)- mhall@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Swiech (Asst. Principal)- cswiech@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Spizzirri (Secretary)- lspizzirri@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Behrens (Secretary)- dbehrens@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Coccaro (Nurse)- acoccaro@nlsd122.org



First Grade Staff


Mrs. Kwasneski (Mrs. Davy's Substitute)- hkwasneski@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Davy - mdavy@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Lessner - alessner@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Vasquez - tvasquez@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Brosius - abrosius@nlsd122.org

First Grade Word Worms


Third Grade Staff



Miss Jandacek - jjandacek@nlsd122.org

Ms. LeBeck - mlebeck@nlsd122.org

Mr. Siegel - tsiegel@nlsd122.org

Ms. Ezell - cezell@nlsd122.org

Miss Nelson - knelson@nlsd122.org



Fine Arts Staff



Mr. McDivitt (Art)- zmcdivitt@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Lasak (Library) - clasak@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Ruklic (Music) - cruklic@nlsd122.org

Mr. Wolf (P.E.)- swolf@nlsd122.org







Mrs. Gheorghiu (Speech)- cgheorghiu@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Creamer (Speech)- dcreamer@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Phelps (Social Worker)- kphelps@nlsd122.org

Mrs. White (Diagnostician) - cwhite@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Thompson (Reading Specialist)- sthompson@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Hanson (Instructional/Resource)- khanson@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Olbera (Instructional/Resource)- dolbera@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Connors (Instructional/Resource)- aconnors@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Lahey (OT)- mlahey@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Blough (OT)- jblough@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Doyle (PT)- rdoyle@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Bogdanich (Specialized Instruction)- nbogdanich@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Rodriguez (Specialized Instruction) brodriguez@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Scheer (Specialized Instruction)- sscheer@nlsd122.org

Mrs. Jones (BCBA)- jjones@nlsd122.org