New Lenox District 122

Director's Biography

Mr. Jason Sterritt serves as Director of Organizational Planning and Facilities.  Mr. Sterritt completed a Bachelor of Science in Education from Illinois State University.  He obtained a Master in Educational Leadership from Governor’s State University in 2007.  While in the Master’s program, Mr. Sterritt attained the State of Illinois Type 75 administrative certification.  In 2016, he completed the Certified Professional Maintenance Manager Certification from the Association for Facilities Engineering.  Mr. Sterritt also completed the Facilities Operations Program from IASBO and is the AHERA Designated Person for New Lenox School District #122.

Mr. Sterritt began his career in New Lenox School District #122 in 2003.  Prior to the Director position, he served as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal.   Mr. Sterritt and his family reside in New Lenox.